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At Buy Medicare Online dot com, we are reimagining the way seniors buy Medicare plans. We believe in a collaboration between humans and technology that will create a more informed buying experience for seniors as they search for a Medicare plan. As a leader in the world of insurance purchasing platforms, we're in the process of creating the most state-of-the-art technology driven platform that allows seniors to have a guided but informed experience as they shop for the plans that best suit their individual needs. At Buy Medicare Online, we are aiming to provide an experience which allows consumers to purchase a Medicare plan entirely online or speak with an on-demand licensed agent if they choose to do so. We are offering a distinctive encounter in which a consumer can see all the options and prices available so that they can ensure they have made an informed and unmanipulated decision. We then make it simple to take action on that decision. That is the essence of Buy Medicare Online dot com.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower seniors purchasing a Medicare plan with all the tools and information they need to make a truly informed decision that fits their individual needs. We are removing the frustration and manipulation that normally exists as those purchasing a Medicare plan are inundated with solicitations and options and replacing it with transparency and technology. We believe that seniors are intelligent people who deserve to have all the advantages technology can afford in this information age so that they can not only choose the best option for their needs and budget but also avoid any misinformation and prejudices that may exist in the marketplace.

Stacy Smith
Chief Executive Officer

about Stacy.

Growing up on a horse farm in rural Indiana, Stacy remembers the life-changing effect technology had on her ability to stay in touch and connect with people she met as she became a world traveler. Starting in 1999 as a very young adult Stacy began moving to foreign countries around the world first in Barbados and then on to Trinidad and Tobago with pit stops in Montserrat and several others nearby islands. Next she relocated to France and Germany for a few years and traveled to several other countries within Europe such as Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, etc. As she was moving to various spots around the world, technology was evolving with her with the invention of Facebook and social media. She watched this occur and became fascinated with the empowerment technology provided. Finally, Stacy returned to the United States and began studying at the Florida Institute of Technology where she majored in Finance. Stacy began working in the world of insurance in 2008 and has been working on ways to marry technology and insurance ever since. Today, she continues that work by creating a platform dedicated to helping this company use today’s technology to democratize access to information that empowers those searching for Medicare insurance and related insurance products.

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