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Medicare Advantage Plan

A Medicare Advantage plan is actually not Medicare at all. In fact, a Medicare Advantage plan is a private insurance plan that replaces your Medicare completely. If you choose this option, you must continue to pay your part B Medicare premiums but your Medicare benefits will be deactivated and replaced with a private insurance plan.

When you choose a Medicare Advantage plan, you will have to follow that private insurance company’s network and you may need a referral to see a specialist. You will also have co-pays at the doctor and the specialist. Most importantly, in cases of surgery or a hospital stay you must pay many thousands out of your own pocket before you are covered by that private insurance company. 

Medicare Advantage plans have low monthly premiums but really don’t provide very good coverage when compared to Medicare with a supplement. If you choose a Medicare Advantage plan you may never be able to go back to original Medicare and a supplement if you have health issues such as heart problems, cancer, stroke, COPD, diabetes and more. We caution you strongly in choosing this option. Please get in touch for immediate discussion, we will be happy to help you.


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